Super late March Fav’s 

So late it’s almost not worth posting. But it’s something to post and I haven’t posted in a few days due to work.

(Excuse the poor images and grubby backgrounds I’m having one of those weeks).

I’m super late to the party with this one! I remember being in school watching YouTuber’s going crazy over this and I would always pick it up convince myself I need it walk round the shop and realise I literally was too broke to spend money on make up I probably won’t wear. 
I say won’t wear because I’ve always shied away from bronzers because I’m so pale. Which is probably one of the worst things I could have done because I have no colour to me whatsoever I actually look ill. I literally can’t imagine life without this bronzer I’ve tried many and they leave harsh terracotta coloured marks on my face and just aren’t any good for me. 

This however this is buildable this isn’t too dark it’s just right for me. The shimmer in it isn’t that God awful bronzer shimmer is a slight tint of subtle shimmer and I love it. 

Smells great too! It’s suppose to smell like chocolate? I wouldn’t say it smells of chocolate at all but it is a nice smell. 

Everyone’s tried these right? I love these I have a few now and they’re my go to’s so easy and I love a matte finish. This particular one is in the shade Dubai, and I’m loving it right. Definitely is a spring colour but does England even get a spring/summer anyway? 
Love the applicator and the size yet to be disappointed by NYX lovely brand. 

This is crazy because I never use concealer’s I just can’t find one light enough for my skin. This one by Rimmel however isn’t too bad and I’m loving how it looks it definitely brightens my under eye a bit. (I say a bit because I have constant dark circles due to the hours I work).
But this pleasantly surprised me and I’m glad I had a sudden impulse buy moment now. I wasn’t too sure about the brush nib it applies with but after using it I actually like it a lot! 

This has changed my life. I can’t even explain. For years now I’ve always stuck to my Revlon Colourstay just because I like it and it works for me. I have brought the odd MAC foundations here and there I just don’t fancy the prices much. 
This however this is flawless it blends nice the coverage is amazing and it honestly doesn’t feel like I have a full coverage foundation on. It doesn’t look cakey -although this could depend on the amount applied and how it’s blended.

I was worried it would be really matte but I still get a dewy look with this and I’m just super impressed and for the past 2 months I haven’t really used my Recvlon Colourstay at all. I feel like everyone needs to at least try this. 

One of those things that everyone’s gone on about again. But I’m really appreciating this right now. I use it as a primer, but that’s not why I’m loving it. 

I’ve been really ill recently resulting in me sweating like nobodies business 24/7. (Gross I know but everyone sweats). This post shave balm is a cooling one and it’s helped to cool me down a bit and I’ve found myself putting this on my arms just to help from feeling rubbish.

Anyway back to using it as a primer is works and is much cheaper for the amount you get and I’ve literally had this for what feels like forever.

This is a moisturiser I swear by. It’s from a honey farm in Cornwall and I must have like 3 tubs I stocked up although this stuff lasts foreverrrrrrrr.

Honey is great for your skin and I feel like my skin really appreciates this when I use it. I usually use it before I go to bed, I used to use it in the mornings but I felt it was a little to heavy. Still a great product though.

I know this isn’t an easy product to get but is a favourite I wanted to share. Definitely recommend products with honey it helps my skin so much.

It’s a boring one and I won’t go into detail, but this has been a life saver! I tend to chew/bite my lips when I think and let’s just say this helps so much and stops them from being so sore.

Again I won’t speak too much on this because I already did a post on this range. But this my far is my favourite thing although I didn’t have it in March I just can’t not include it. This makes my skin feel like it really is clean and it leaves it feeling great.

Lots of Love SL xxx

What can I say? 

Excuse my half dead plant. 

Blogging. Honestly it was something I wanted to do for ages and I finally pulled my finger out and made my first post in February. I was working away so I couldn’t keep on top of blogging so I really started to try and post more in March. It’s now April and I only have 12 posts BUT I wanted to thank you guys for being so welcoming and supportive.

If I’m on honest the reason I held off blogging for so long was not only because of work but worry. I was worried I’d upload and no one would be interested in what I had to say, my content wouldn’t be good enough, or people would just laugh.

I looked into blogging a lot before I started and they all pretty much said the same thing that at first it’ll be slow, so I then expected this to be a long slow journey and to have 2/3 followers for the first couple of months.

However, you guys have shown so much support and I can’t believe it, it’s insane.

You go on Facebook and it’s constant hate and negatively, YouTube you get the same sort of thing and Twitter’s no better. So when I started blogging I honestly thought it’d be the same I expected to get all that. 

But you guys, you all proved wrong. The blogging community is so welcoming and everyone just elevates each other  and it’s amazing and I’ve never seen anything online like it. It’s amazing how we don’t know each other but we all appreciate each other and want each other to feel great. 

And I’m not one to come out and say stuff like this all the time but I felt I had to thank you guys for everything. I didn’t expect any of this especially in such a short time with so little content. 

I know my blog still needs massive improvements and they’re coming! I just really appreciate it all.

Thank you all so much & happy Easter! I hope you have enjoyed your day wether you’re celebrating or not.

Lots of Love SL xxx

Makeup Revolution Blush Goddess Palette

I feel like Makeup Revolution has really been recognised by the beauty word for its great quality products at a low price. Now I never go into Superdrug so I hadn’t seen much of this brand just heard great things. So when I was working away a few months ago I decided to browse their makeup line.

This was one of my favourite things I purchased and I tend to reach for it a lot. This is a blush palette the top 4 however are more highlighting blushes and are actually the only reason I picked up the palette. I don’t reach for blushes much at all.

I love these as highlighters and often when I want an extra glow I will go over the top of my sleek highlighter with this. If I want that extra pop I tend to go for the 3rd along from the left in the top row.

Here are the highlights swatches now look at that 3rd one along I can’t even explain how much this makes my face glow. (I may update this post with photos of me actually using it). The other highlights as you can see aren’t so bright which is good for everyday, but you also have to remember they have a bit of colour to them and not to go overboard.

I haven’t bothered to swatch the blushes (apologies) but honestly I don’t think a swatch would have done much more the post they’re pigmented and come out the same colour as they are in the pan. 

I don’t use blushes much, I used to but now it’s not something I reach to do everyday. I probably should use blush more as I’m so pale I should add some colour so I don’t look like a corpse all the time. Since buying this palette though I have tried using blush more and I am really liking it. I like to use the one 2nd from left on the bottom row, really like this colour. I try to just dust this over my cheeks so I’m not too colourful and it just looks really natural.

I am pants with prices! But I think this was roughly £7-£8 which I thinks amazing for what you get. All of them are buildable and very different. I am completely digging this palette! If you’re umming and ahhing on wether to get this or not I’d just go for it. You’ll have a highlight and a blush for every occasion. Even if you’re like me and don’t wear blush but wear highlighter or the other way round don’t be put off by it thinking you won’t use all of them. You’re more likely to reach for something if you have it. 

Lots of Love SL xxx

L’oréal Fine Flowers

Guys. Look how cute this range is. I only purchased these last week and purposely left them out of my hauls so I could do a whole post on them. 

I’ve been using these products for a week now and some might say it’s too soon for me to comment on these but honestly I’m really impressed with them and wanted to tell you guys asap! 

This is what I now use to remove my make up and it gets the majority of it off and feels my skin feeling super great. I literally only picked this up because I was intrigued by the word milk. Love that this has a pump no fuss and these bottles are quite large.

I love that this is in a tub I don’t know why but I really like it. I really enjoy using this product I’ve never used a cleansing cream before and using it along side the other products I go to bed with no traces of make up. 

This is probably my favourite of all the products I’ve tried which is strange because I’m not crazy about toners. This product definitely surprised me I expected to be quite watery and be like any other toner but I find its got a slight bit of thickness to it (that probably makes no sense. I put this onto a cotton pad and it felt really soft almost silky it’s a weird texture and you really won’t understand me if you haven’t tried it. I feel like this is what really made my skin soft and smooth. 

Now I’ve only used this a few times so I can’t say too much but so far it’s really nice. I’ve tried gel washes and I’ve tried cream washes but never a gel-cream wash, so again I was intrigued. I like it but I definitely to use it a bit more.

I just can’t get over how cute these products are! I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about the scent of these because I’m not a fan of rose scents. However I find the rose and jasmine scent surprisingly refreshing makes me feel even cleaner strangely. Was really pleasantly surprised by all of these products, I’m loving them! Very inexpensive great range. 

Lots of Love SL xxx

Sleek Highlighting palette

Stop. Look at this. Look. Sleek did it again. I’m starstruck over make up. I am loving everything about this. I’ve had for about a month now and I wasn’t going to post about it. However, I bumped into a girl who said she could never find it and when she did she was reluctant to buy it incase it wasn’t worth the money. 

So why not tell you guys how much I love it? Incase any of you had the same issue. First of all the packaging is gold I was sold before I even looked at the highlighters inside. I picked up Cleopatra’s Kiss and I definitely need to get the rest.

The bottom right hand corner is my go to highlight now I love it. The one in the top left hand corner is gorgeous too however for everyday I can’t pull it off I’m a little too pale and have to work with it, but when I do it still looks great. 

The other two highlighters are more cream highlights and they are just as stunning I don’t use creams as much but of all the cream highlighters I have these are by far the nicest. I really want to create more looks using the creams it’s just finding the time to experiment. 

The brush included isn’t the best -they never are. But it isn’t awful for travel it would be fine it applies the product nice enough.

I reach for this everyday and even on nights out, it’s so versatile. I’ve found some highlighters come out quite chunky if that makes sense and some overloaded with glitter, but these are just right. 
I can’t remember the price but I’m pretty sure it was less than £10  which is really good for 4 highlighters. I’ll be purchasing the other highlighting palettes soon and definitely recommended to everyone looking for a highlighter. 

Lots of Love SL xxx

Sample Testing

Nothing beats getting free samples! No one wants to spend money on a product they end up not liking. I thought I’d share with you guys my thoughts on these. They’re two well known products and they’re fairly cheap too.

I had never tried anything from the brand Aveeno although I had heard of it. I squeezed this sample into an empty clean Vaseline pot and used it daily. The sample lasted me just over a week as I wasn’t using it on my whole body. I was really impressed with this product and loved that I could also use it on my face without it feeling too heavy. 

This made my skin feel great and I’m definitely ordering the full size product now that I’ve finished the sample. It does say fragrance free it does have a slight smell to it but it’s not strong at all. I felt so fresh after using it, it just felt really natural. I think this retails at a fairly low price so if you’re looking for a daily product I’d try this out. 

The Hawaiian Tropic Sun Lotion came in handy over the weekend as we had a small wave of gorgeous weather. This stuff smells lush and it does what it’s supposed to do. I don’t tend to buy sun lotions purely because I live in England and let’s be honest we get about a week of sun a year. I haven’t been abroad in 4/5 years so I’ve never felt like I have to go out and buy any. However I am going away in June and I will be purchasing this for my holiday. 

It’s strange this honestly is a feel good product. When I put it on I felt good and positive, does anybody else have any products like that? Maybe it was just getting me excited for my holiday but whatever I like this product and it works. I’d say it’s not a waste of money because it does the job, however I can’t tell you it’s the best sun lotion out there because I’ve barely tried any but it isn’t bad at all. 

Lots of love SL xxx

W7 Eyeshadow Palettes

About 2 months ago I got really fed up of my make up collection and wanted to build it up a bit and experiment a bit more. However, I didn’t want to spend a load of money on only a few products as I tend to blow all my money on food! So to Amazon I went and did a bit of searching and I came across these W7 palettes.

These had loads of great reviews and they were so cheap! People compared them to the Urban Decay Naked palettes and although the colour pay off isn’t as great it still beats paying all that money. 

I’ve been using these for a while now and I’m really quite pleased like I said the colour pay off could be better but for the money I refuse to complain. I think I managed to pick these up for £2/3 each which is crazy! Can create simple everyday looks or night looks all with just one palette! This would be great for travelling because you’ve got what you need in one tin. And that’s another thing I love the tins so easy to keep clean and looks good too! 

If you’re a beginner with make up or fancy experimenting a bit or just don’t want to spend much money, this is definitely for you. I would highly recommend.

Left: W7 Colour Me Buff

Right: W7 Colour Me Nude

Lots of love SL xxx

Boots/Body Shop haul

And here you have it one of the worlds smallest hauls! At the moment I’m trying to build up good content on my blog and really find ways I like working and displaying things so bare with me. I wanted to share these with you because the majority of these are newbies to me so hopefully I can review in a month or so and share with you guys. 

The first thing I picked up was a Body Shop body butter and I swear by these! I was running out so had to pick up one so of course I picked up coconut one of my favourite scents. However I have never tried one of their shimmer body butters and as you can see in the photo it’s quite shimmery. Slightly worried I’ll look like the cast of Twilight as I’m so pale and summer’s coming around but I’m really excited to give this ago. 20% off £7.50 

A repurchase I’m a sucker for these lashes they’re so affordable and easy to work with. Quite a natural look and I’m really digging these 3/4 eyelashes at the moment. Retail for around £5

Sleek had an offer buy 1 item get another half price so of course I looked at their eyeshadow pallets I really wanted to find a sort of red/purple and Enchanted Forest was the best I could find. A lot of these colours are so easy to work with I’m so excited to work with this product! 

I mean look at those colours! I’m so in love. Retail for around £7/£8

I then picked up the Sleek eyebrow kit obviously so I could get the offer. I originally went into boots on hunt for an eyebrow product and was recommended this by someone who worked there. I usually hate these brow kits and have firmly stuck with my Soap and Glory Archery pencil. However I’m willing to try it and see how it goes. Retails for around £8/£9 

I then picked up the Collection define and perfect eyebrow powder just in case I didn’t like the Sleek eyebrow kit and it was fairly cheap so I thought why not grab it. I’ve never seen an eyebrow powder with an applicator like this so I’m interested to see what this applies like. Retails for around £4 

I then picked up Cuticura moisture hand gel just because mine was running out and my current one is very drying so I picked this up straight away when I saw the word moisture! £1.55

Lots of love SL xxx

Small Haul

 So many things I wanted to share with you guys the past month but with work and birthday celebrations I found it almost impossible. So why not show you a few things I brought recently? 

Firstly the Head and Shoulders scalp relief shampoo this is a repurchase and featured in my February favourites I love this and had to run out and pick this up as soon as I finished my other bottle! Highly recommended for dandruff or prehaps people who often wear their hair tight. 

I then brought the Garnier ultimate blends shampoo in rice cream and oat meal this smells lush! I brought this because I actually use the conditioner and I like to use another shampoo along side the Head and Shoulders one as it doesn’t smell the best. So I just brought this to go with my conditioner and it was on offer for £2 in boots, bonus! 

I then brought the Eylure accents 005 eyelashes and I brought these because as you can see I also brought the Fleur De Force ones. It was my birthday last weekend and the Fleur De Force ones are my favourite I really the 3/4 ones but I wanted something a little bit more dramatic for my birthday so I picked these ones up and I loved them.

I then picked up the Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24hr Gel-cream eyeshadow to in 93 Crème de Nude. I had heard amazing things about these so I eventually got round to picking this one and since have picked up a few more and I’m half tempted to do a review on them. I really had no reason for buying this I just fancied trying something different.

I then got the Revolution loose banana powder obviously banana powders been a massive thing over the past year and I had never tried it. So again I got this to try something new, I think I’ve been getting really bored of the products I use and just want to try new bits.

The Rimmel Stay Matte powder was the next thing I got again a repurchase and a pretty boring one everyone and their mum has this. But it is a great affordable powder and I just so happened to run out of mine. 

And lastly some Primark nails because why not? I do have clothes to show but I didn’t want to include them in this I wanted a separate clothes haul. Still thinking about how I’d display items but keep an eye out for that! Primark nails aren’t amazing however if you need nails quickly for an event they’re great and these ones were reduced down to 50p! And although you’ll very rarely see blue appear on here I do love the colour! 

Lots of love SL xxx

Topshop Nail Polishes

About two months ago now lucky me was gifted some Topshop nail polishes by a friend. I love nail polish and have over 200 and surprisingly had never tried any Topshop ones. I struggle to find nail polish that lasts any longer than a day with my job it literally comes straight off. 

I have been trying to keep my nails painted using these Topshop ones recently just to test them out and I do really like them. I don’t find them sticky or gloopy and they apply really nicely and the colours are amazing particularly the silver blue metallic one you can see in the photo. They didn’t last long by the end of the week I’d still have product on my nail but not much as it had been chipped way. And I completely expected that with my job nail polish just doesn’t last. 

I’ve tried these out over a few days of and I can say that they’ve lasted and the colour pigmentation is fairly good too. One layer pays off quite nicely if you’re in a rush to get off somewhere, but as always I’d do two coats. 

The variety of colours and finishesthag I have are great and really on trend, along with the super cute polka dot packaging. I really do like these nail polishes and I’m definitely going back to look at the rest of their colour selection. I think these retail quite cheap so definitely worth the money!