Charcoal teeth whitening powder review

I’d heard loads about these charcoal teeth whitening powders and held off for a while, but I finally decided to pick up a cheap one online just to try out. This particular one is and retails for £3.95. 

I was pleasantly surprised when I tried this and saw noticeable results from one use. This is by far my favourite teeth whitening product that I have tried ans I will definitely be repurchasing when I’m out! However it does to use once or twice a week and you don’t need much product at all so I can definitely see this lasting me a long time. 

Thankfully this product is tasteless and super easy to clean up. Which is great as it can get quite messy, especially when opening and closing the tin. I am in love with everything about this product and would highly recommend to everyone. I’m yet to fault this product, in a months time or so I’d like to review this again and see if I have any change of thoughts. 
Great fast results minimum effort and such a low price I am very happy with this product! 

       Lots of love SL xx



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