L’Oreal Pure Clay Detox mask

I’ve been working away recently and my skin’s breaking out like crazy! Don’t know if this is because of stress lack of sleep a bad diet or all of those reasons. Whilst away I picked up this pure clay detox mask I had heard loads of good things about it and seen really good reviews, sick of my skin looking so bad I ran out and grabbed it whilst it was on offer.

I brought with the intentions of putting this on when I got back to the hotel but ended not using it until I got back home due to being so tired! Since then I have been away a few more times for work and I’ve tried to bring this with me whenever I’ve gone away. Although it’s quite a weighty product (the packaging being glass) it’s easier to bring this face mask rather than my Lush ones that need to be kept in a fridge. 

I love face masks and I tend to treat myself to one or two during the week whilst having a bath. I’m not too sure why but I really struggle to do things when I’m wearing a mask I see people doing house work, eating dinner watching films etc. With face masks on but I just can’t do it, is it just me?

Last year there was a massive explosion of charcoal products. I personally love the majority of the charcoal prouducts I have tried out. I love the way this applies to the face and I sort of really like the heaviness/thickness of this mask. This did help clear up my skin a bit but I wasn’t blown away my results. Since using an acid peel my skin has been super soft. After using this product it did feel a bit smoother and refreshed but not much difference just a little boost I guess. This mask dries extremely hard which I actually really like because recently a lot of face masks I’ve used don’t and I never really time how long I’ve had a face mask on I just go by the dryness of it.

I don’t think I’d purchase particular clay mask again, although I am intrigued and would like to try the two other L’Oreal clay masks. I might just be stuck in my ways I love my Lush face masks and now acid peels are a new favourite I try to alternate between using the two. This is a good product but I don’t think it can top my existing products. Although for the price and the amount of product it’s not bad at all! 

Lots of love SL xxx


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