Topshop Nail Polishes

About two months ago now lucky me was gifted some Topshop nail polishes by a friend. I love nail polish and have over 200 and surprisingly had never tried any Topshop ones. I struggle to find nail polish that lasts any longer than a day with my job it literally comes straight off. 

I have been trying to keep my nails painted using these Topshop ones recently just to test them out and I do really like them. I don’t find them sticky or gloopy and they apply really nicely and the colours are amazing particularly the silver blue metallic one you can see in the photo. They didn’t last long by the end of the week I’d still have product on my nail but not much as it had been chipped way. And I completely expected that with my job nail polish just doesn’t last. 

I’ve tried these out over a few days of and I can say that they’ve lasted and the colour pigmentation is fairly good too. One layer pays off quite nicely if you’re in a rush to get off somewhere, but as always I’d do two coats. 

The variety of colours and finishesthag I have are great and really on trend, along with the super cute polka dot packaging. I really do like these nail polishes and I’m definitely going back to look at the rest of their colour selection. I think these retail quite cheap so definitely worth the money! 


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