Bath time

For someone who loves baths I have possibly the most boring bath routine. I work weird hours and a lot of the time bath time means get clean and get out. Rather than relax have me time.

No matter what I’ll always be sat on my phone in the bath. Often I write my blog posts whilst in the bath. And I always bring my IPad to listen to music I just cannot sit in silence. If I’m having a relaxing bath sometimes even Netflix. I’ve learnt to take advantage of these luxuries whenever possible.

I hate sitting around in a face mask, I think I’ve mentioned it in a previous post. So I usually apply one before I get in the bath, I’m currently trying out the Nip + Fab Bee Sting Fix Lifting Mask. I’ve fell head over heals in love with their products and they’re currently on offer in Boots if you’re interested. If I’m not trying out a new face mask I’ll be using a trusty Lush face mask.

Boring as it is I shave and this is what I use. I have a love hate relationship with these blades, I just hate hate hate using them when you open a new one.

I never ever in my life have been fussy about body washes/shower gel’s I’ve always used whatever. But about a year ago I picked up a Body Shop one and I’ve been stuck on them ever since. Every now and then I’ll pick up one from else where in the hope it will replace the more expensive Body Shop ones but I’m too fond of them and I’m always drawn back to them. They are amazing though! 
Hair wise you guys all know I use the Head & Shoulders Scalp Relief shampoo I won’t wash my hair without this. Although I’m not a fan of the smell it really does help! On top of that I will use another shampoo and then a conditioner recently I’ve been using the Garneir Ultimate Blends shampoo and conditioner but I tend to change it up a lot. The majority of the time I’m drawn to shampoo and conditioners with coconut scents but I have tried a few apple scented shampoos that’s left my hair smelling gorgeous. I like switching up the scents every now and then so I notice the smells. 
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again there is absolutely no point in using a bath bomb daily. I see this as a luxury for a relaxation day. It gets pricey when you use bath bombs regularly and a lot of them leave colour around the edge of the bath leave petals or glitter residue that then has to be washed away. 
For example:I just don’t have time to be doing this daily. I keep to the basics, maybe I’m just super boring.

Once I get out of the bath the one thing that is compulsory moisture! I’m always using the Body Shop products but there’s so many different products you could choose! I love how strong the scents are of these and I can really feel the moisture in my skin.

Lots of Love SL xxx


Boots/Body Shop haul

And here you have it one of the worlds smallest hauls! At the moment I’m trying to build up good content on my blog and really find ways I like working and displaying things so bare with me. I wanted to share these with you because the majority of these are newbies to me so hopefully I can review in a month or so and share with you guys. 

The first thing I picked up was a Body Shop body butter and I swear by these! I was running out so had to pick up one so of course I picked up coconut one of my favourite scents. However I have never tried one of their shimmer body butters and as you can see in the photo it’s quite shimmery. Slightly worried I’ll look like the cast of Twilight as I’m so pale and summer’s coming around but I’m really excited to give this ago. 20% off £7.50 

A repurchase I’m a sucker for these lashes they’re so affordable and easy to work with. Quite a natural look and I’m really digging these 3/4 eyelashes at the moment. Retail for around £5

Sleek had an offer buy 1 item get another half price so of course I looked at their eyeshadow pallets I really wanted to find a sort of red/purple and Enchanted Forest was the best I could find. A lot of these colours are so easy to work with I’m so excited to work with this product! 

I mean look at those colours! I’m so in love. Retail for around £7/£8

I then picked up the Sleek eyebrow kit obviously so I could get the offer. I originally went into boots on hunt for an eyebrow product and was recommended this by someone who worked there. I usually hate these brow kits and have firmly stuck with my Soap and Glory Archery pencil. However I’m willing to try it and see how it goes. Retails for around £8/£9 

I then picked up the Collection define and perfect eyebrow powder just in case I didn’t like the Sleek eyebrow kit and it was fairly cheap so I thought why not grab it. I’ve never seen an eyebrow powder with an applicator like this so I’m interested to see what this applies like. Retails for around £4 

I then picked up Cuticura moisture hand gel just because mine was running out and my current one is very drying so I picked this up straight away when I saw the word moisture! £1.55

Lots of love SL xxx