Before I start apologies for the lack of posts things have been mega crazy recently. 

First is a Seventeen eyeshadow brush. I brought this like 2 months ago and completely forgot about it in the bottom of my bag. Yet to try it, and I’m not expecting amazing things just saw it and picked it. I believe it was £2.99 from Boots (I could be wrong). I could be pleasantly surprised by it, I’ll keep you guys updated.

Almost a repurchase I keep buying the Garnier Ultimate Blends shampoo and conditioner’s, but I was yet to try this one so I picked it up. It smells gorgeous, can’t wait to use these on my hair.

A monthly purchase I won’t say much about it as I’ve got posts on it already. I. It this monthly I can’t wash my hair without it, really helps.

If you follow my blog you may have seen a post on sample testing and this was one of them. I went out and brought the full size product as I loved it so much. Although the weather hasn’t been amazing I thought I’d prepare for my holiday coming up!

More repurchases I ran out of both of these and these are my go to daily products. Again won’t say much as I’ve posted before. However, I did buy the Infallible Total Cover Foundation in 09 Light Sand rather than 10 Porcelain in the hope it will be lighter and match my skin tone better. I shall let you guys know how I get on with this shade.

This product has changed my skin literally overnight and I’m already in love. This is around £15 which made me a little more reluctant to purchase, but it’s so worth the money! 

A tub of pads to use on your face before you jump into bed. So easy to use and feels like it’s really doing something! Let me know if you want a full post on this! 

Boring! I know. I needed deodorant and picked this one up. Shocked myself as I only ever use Dove deodorants but so far I don’t mind this one at all.

A present from the parents for looking after the house whilst they were on holiday but I wanted to show you guys! I love the quirkiness of Moschino and just look at this! 

Is this not one of the coolest perfume bottles you’ve ever seen?! And to top it off it smells great! 

Lots of Love SL xxx


Sample Testing

Nothing beats getting free samples! No one wants to spend money on a product they end up not liking. I thought I’d share with you guys my thoughts on these. They’re two well known products and they’re fairly cheap too.

I had never tried anything from the brand Aveeno although I had heard of it. I squeezed this sample into an empty clean Vaseline pot and used it daily. The sample lasted me just over a week as I wasn’t using it on my whole body. I was really impressed with this product and loved that I could also use it on my face without it feeling too heavy. 

This made my skin feel great and I’m definitely ordering the full size product now that I’ve finished the sample. It does say fragrance free it does have a slight smell to it but it’s not strong at all. I felt so fresh after using it, it just felt really natural. I think this retails at a fairly low price so if you’re looking for a daily product I’d try this out. 

The Hawaiian Tropic Sun Lotion came in handy over the weekend as we had a small wave of gorgeous weather. This stuff smells lush and it does what it’s supposed to do. I don’t tend to buy sun lotions purely because I live in England and let’s be honest we get about a week of sun a year. I haven’t been abroad in 4/5 years so I’ve never felt like I have to go out and buy any. However I am going away in June and I will be purchasing this for my holiday. 

It’s strange this honestly is a feel good product. When I put it on I felt good and positive, does anybody else have any products like that? Maybe it was just getting me excited for my holiday but whatever I like this product and it works. I’d say it’s not a waste of money because it does the job, however I can’t tell you it’s the best sun lotion out there because I’ve barely tried any but it isn’t bad at all. 

Lots of love SL xxx