Before I start apologies for the lack of posts things have been mega crazy recently. 

First is a Seventeen eyeshadow brush. I brought this like 2 months ago and completely forgot about it in the bottom of my bag. Yet to try it, and I’m not expecting amazing things just saw it and picked it. I believe it was £2.99 from Boots (I could be wrong). I could be pleasantly surprised by it, I’ll keep you guys updated.

Almost a repurchase I keep buying the Garnier Ultimate Blends shampoo and conditioner’s, but I was yet to try this one so I picked it up. It smells gorgeous, can’t wait to use these on my hair.

A monthly purchase I won’t say much about it as I’ve got posts on it already. I. It this monthly I can’t wash my hair without it, really helps.

If you follow my blog you may have seen a post on sample testing and this was one of them. I went out and brought the full size product as I loved it so much. Although the weather hasn’t been amazing I thought I’d prepare for my holiday coming up!

More repurchases I ran out of both of these and these are my go to daily products. Again won’t say much as I’ve posted before. However, I did buy the Infallible Total Cover Foundation in 09 Light Sand rather than 10 Porcelain in the hope it will be lighter and match my skin tone better. I shall let you guys know how I get on with this shade.

This product has changed my skin literally overnight and I’m already in love. This is around £15 which made me a little more reluctant to purchase, but it’s so worth the money! 

A tub of pads to use on your face before you jump into bed. So easy to use and feels like it’s really doing something! Let me know if you want a full post on this! 

Boring! I know. I needed deodorant and picked this one up. Shocked myself as I only ever use Dove deodorants but so far I don’t mind this one at all.

A present from the parents for looking after the house whilst they were on holiday but I wanted to show you guys! I love the quirkiness of Moschino and just look at this! 

Is this not one of the coolest perfume bottles you’ve ever seen?! And to top it off it smells great! 

Lots of Love SL xxx


February Fav’s

Here’s a photo of my products I have absolutely loved throughout January some old and some new that I thought I’d share.

First was the Schwarzkopf got2b dry oil mist. I’ve had this product for a while now but I’ve appreciated it much more through December/January purely because the cold weather made my hair look dull and dry. This product however gave a little boost of life to my hair and allowed me to wear my hair down without looking crazy. This also has an amazing scent and because it’s a dry oil and is in a spray can it’s hard to make your hair look oily using this! 
Zara Juicy Notes perfume this is a lushious scent I can’t get enough of it and go can probably tell from the photo the bottle has lived in my bad and been my go to perfume. Zara perfumes are super cute and super cheap and I’m yet to find a Zara perfume that I don’t like. Would highly recommend for an everyday perfume so affordable! 
Head & Shoulders persistent dandruff shampoo. Unfortunately in the winter time my scalp tends to get dry and I suffer with dandruff which I detest. After years of trying to find an affordable anti-dandruff product I finally found this. This says it’s a 7-day relief however I wouldn’t say it’s quite 7-days but I did see great improvements. Although I dislike the smell of the product it works and using my normal shampoo alongside it gets rid of the smell. This has been a life saver this winter!
Coco Pure charcoal teeth whitening powder. I don’t want to talk to much on this as my last blog post was a review on it so if you’d like to know more head to that post. However I had to include it as it has been a new favourite I discovered this month and it really does work.
The Body Shop strawberry shower gel. This is a Body Shop classic and in the Christmas sales I decided to pick up the larger size and I have been loving it. I always use Body Shop shower gels and I rate them highly. Smells great feels great! 
Victoria’s Secret pure seduction dry oil fragrance. I absolutely love these dry oil fragrances and I managed to pick a few up in the sales. Personally I don’t think they’re quite worth the full price but I do really like them . Just a spritz lasts a long time and the smell is orgasmic.
Radial super acids x-treme acid rush peel. This is absolutely amazing I can’t even explain how much I rate this product. This has completely changed my skin it has literally been flawless, I feel so much more confident bare faced. You don’t need much of this product and the results last. The price however is a massive downfall although for the quality I’m hardly surprised. I will definitely be reviewing this very soon.
Nu Skin AP24 whitening fluoride toothpaste. This is my daily toothpaste and I have seen gradual changes since using this. I don’t have much to say about this product but I really wanted to include it because I struggle to find toothpastes I like. Quite often I dislike the taste of toothpaste, however this one leaves a very subtle taste in my mouth. Very pleased with the product.
And last but not least The Body Shop tea tree skin clearing mattifying toner. I hate the smell of tea tree so it’s a little odd that I even purchased this let alone included it in my January favourites. I really do like this product and I feel does really clear my skin when it’s not looking great. After washing my face I love using this it gets off any dirt that might have been missed and feels really refreshing on the face. I’ll be repurchasing as soon as I’m out! 
Hope this helped you out and you’re able to try some of these out, let me know some of your favourites! 
 Lots of love SL xxx