Before I start apologies for the lack of posts things have been mega crazy recently. 

First is a Seventeen eyeshadow brush. I brought this like 2 months ago and completely forgot about it in the bottom of my bag. Yet to try it, and I’m not expecting amazing things just saw it and picked it. I believe it was £2.99 from Boots (I could be wrong). I could be pleasantly surprised by it, I’ll keep you guys updated.

Almost a repurchase I keep buying the Garnier Ultimate Blends shampoo and conditioner’s, but I was yet to try this one so I picked it up. It smells gorgeous, can’t wait to use these on my hair.

A monthly purchase I won’t say much about it as I’ve got posts on it already. I. It this monthly I can’t wash my hair without it, really helps.

If you follow my blog you may have seen a post on sample testing and this was one of them. I went out and brought the full size product as I loved it so much. Although the weather hasn’t been amazing I thought I’d prepare for my holiday coming up!

More repurchases I ran out of both of these and these are my go to daily products. Again won’t say much as I’ve posted before. However, I did buy the Infallible Total Cover Foundation in 09 Light Sand rather than 10 Porcelain in the hope it will be lighter and match my skin tone better. I shall let you guys know how I get on with this shade.

This product has changed my skin literally overnight and I’m already in love. This is around £15 which made me a little more reluctant to purchase, but it’s so worth the money! 

A tub of pads to use on your face before you jump into bed. So easy to use and feels like it’s really doing something! Let me know if you want a full post on this! 

Boring! I know. I needed deodorant and picked this one up. Shocked myself as I only ever use Dove deodorants but so far I don’t mind this one at all.

A present from the parents for looking after the house whilst they were on holiday but I wanted to show you guys! I love the quirkiness of Moschino and just look at this! 

Is this not one of the coolest perfume bottles you’ve ever seen?! And to top it off it smells great! 

Lots of Love SL xxx


L’oréal Fine Flowers

Guys. Look how cute this range is. I only purchased these last week and purposely left them out of my hauls so I could do a whole post on them. 

I’ve been using these products for a week now and some might say it’s too soon for me to comment on these but honestly I’m really impressed with them and wanted to tell you guys asap! 

This is what I now use to remove my make up and it gets the majority of it off and feels my skin feeling super great. I literally only picked this up because I was intrigued by the word milk. Love that this has a pump no fuss and these bottles are quite large.

I love that this is in a tub I don’t know why but I really like it. I really enjoy using this product I’ve never used a cleansing cream before and using it along side the other products I go to bed with no traces of make up. 

This is probably my favourite of all the products I’ve tried which is strange because I’m not crazy about toners. This product definitely surprised me I expected to be quite watery and be like any other toner but I find its got a slight bit of thickness to it (that probably makes no sense. I put this onto a cotton pad and it felt really soft almost silky it’s a weird texture and you really won’t understand me if you haven’t tried it. I feel like this is what really made my skin soft and smooth. 

Now I’ve only used this a few times so I can’t say too much but so far it’s really nice. I’ve tried gel washes and I’ve tried cream washes but never a gel-cream wash, so again I was intrigued. I like it but I definitely to use it a bit more.

I just can’t get over how cute these products are! I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about the scent of these because I’m not a fan of rose scents. However I find the rose and jasmine scent surprisingly refreshing makes me feel even cleaner strangely. Was really pleasantly surprised by all of these products, I’m loving them! Very inexpensive great range. 

Lots of Love SL xxx

L’Oreal Pure Clay Detox mask

I’ve been working away recently and my skin’s breaking out like crazy! Don’t know if this is because of stress lack of sleep a bad diet or all of those reasons. Whilst away I picked up this pure clay detox mask I had heard loads of good things about it and seen really good reviews, sick of my skin looking so bad I ran out and grabbed it whilst it was on offer.

I brought with the intentions of putting this on when I got back to the hotel but ended not using it until I got back home due to being so tired! Since then I have been away a few more times for work and I’ve tried to bring this with me whenever I’ve gone away. Although it’s quite a weighty product (the packaging being glass) it’s easier to bring this face mask rather than my Lush ones that need to be kept in a fridge. 

I love face masks and I tend to treat myself to one or two during the week whilst having a bath. I’m not too sure why but I really struggle to do things when I’m wearing a mask I see people doing house work, eating dinner watching films etc. With face masks on but I just can’t do it, is it just me?

Last year there was a massive explosion of charcoal products. I personally love the majority of the charcoal prouducts I have tried out. I love the way this applies to the face and I sort of really like the heaviness/thickness of this mask. This did help clear up my skin a bit but I wasn’t blown away my results. Since using an acid peel my skin has been super soft. After using this product it did feel a bit smoother and refreshed but not much difference just a little boost I guess. This mask dries extremely hard which I actually really like because recently a lot of face masks I’ve used don’t and I never really time how long I’ve had a face mask on I just go by the dryness of it.

I don’t think I’d purchase particular clay mask again, although I am intrigued and would like to try the two other L’Oreal clay masks. I might just be stuck in my ways I love my Lush face masks and now acid peels are a new favourite I try to alternate between using the two. This is a good product but I don’t think it can top my existing products. Although for the price and the amount of product it’s not bad at all! 

Lots of love SL xxx